Core Sound System

 Independent designer and manufacturer of professional handmade speaker systems.

 From Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to make it real in Hackney Wick, London in a courtyard of a warehouse community. Core Sound System is a hi-end sound system to be used and abused. 

 We believe products should have a reason to exist in a fair price for the community so for that we design and build system according necessity.


magic Boat

An install in a canal London party boat.

Tweeter - 1" 80w Horn load
Mid range - 15" 500w Horn load
Subwoofer - 21" 2000w Transmission line
Monitor - 1" 70w Horn Load / 10" 300w Horn load


A touring project for a party collective from Rio de Janeiro
Tweeter - 1" 60w Horn load
Mid range - 15" 700w Horn load
Subwoofer - 21" 800w Transmission line
Monitor - 1" 60w Horn Load / 10" 300w Horn load

The Cause 

A  independent and  DIY venue at north London
3 way Horn load 1"50w / 8" 200w / 15" 700w
Subwoofer - 18" 900w Transmission line
Monitor / Satellite - 1" 70w Horn Load / 10" 300w Horn load

We Can develop a project for your need.

Ask us!.

About Me

 We understand sound is the most important frequency in human perception,  music can activate more parts of the brain then any others and we never can stop listen.

 Core sound system take that serious, each project are mde to increase a perception and create a unique experience.

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